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Who doesn’t enjoy the combo Coffee, treats and pretty walks? Fortunately, Dublin offers a lot of good options for the ones seeking a bit of fresh air and good quality coffee, and why not some nice treats to complete the whole thing. As a caffeine addicted who loves going for coffee and strolls on the weekends, I have found some perfect spots here to go, so here is my list: 

1. Shoe Lane, Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire it’s one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Dublin with incredible views of the ocean, the Poolbeg towers, and the boats anchored by the marine. I love taking a walk by the pier, going until the Forty Foot, where you will always find loads of Dubliners jumping in the freezing water. Every time I go to Dun Laoghaire, I stop by Shoe Lane to get some coffee and treats to keep me warm and avoid any hungriness during the stroll. My go to are the Oat Flat White or Iced Latte (depending on the weather), accompanied by an Almond Croissant or Sausage Roll. The shop’s located very close to the Dart Station, so it has easy access from the city-center. 

Also, if you are in town, Show Lane has a shop close to Tara Station, you can get a coffee from there and take a stroll around the Liffey, enjoying Dublin’s skyline.

2. Bodega, Howth

Howth it’s the perfect place to go all year around for cliff walks with fresh salty air and awesome views, and why not make it even better by adding some nice coffee to the packet? If you plan on doing so, my recommendation is to do a pit stop at the Howth Market before starting your walk, more precisely to get a perfectly made coffee from Bodega. The shop makes the best coffee in the area, and you can also get yourself a treat while there, their pain au chocolate it’s unforgettable!

3. Dash Container, Phoenix Park

Going for a stroll at the Phoenix Park it’s a classic of life in Dublin, and specially because of its great location – very close to the city center – the park is always full of dubliners enjoying the day out on the weekends. Recently, the place also got a perfect coffee spot, the DASH Container, located at the Whole in The Wall Pub just outside the gate of the park. I highly recommend the delicious coffee and pastry deal for only 5euros, as well as their smoothies and granola pots.

4. Happy Out, Bull Islands

Happy Out is Bull Island’s only cafe, serving specialty coffee and tasty, homemade, made-to-order toasties. Located just across the wooden bridge, this is the perfect first stop when going to visit the Bull Island and Dollymount, in the north part of dublin. This is one the best spots in the city to really disconnect and enjoy the nature around, also, the views of Dublin are amazing from the Island.

5. 3fe, Grand or Royal Canal

The canals are one of the best spots in Dublin to go for a stroll and enjoy the cool views around, and the nicest thing is that they are located in both sides of the city, being the Grand Canal in the South side, and Royal Canal in the North side. Doesn’t matter which one you are visiting, you can always stop for one of the best coffees in Dublin that I have tried so far: 3fe, which has shops located very close to both canals and also offers some delicious pastries to treat yourself with. I can assure you that there’s nothing more delightful than walking around the canals with a good coffee in hands. 

That’s it, my favourite 5 spots in Dublin to treat yourself with a good coffee, nice treats and perfect walks. Enjoy and let me know which ones you will try soon!! 

By Juliana Hansen

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