The struggle is real…! It can be extremely frustrating to get rejected over and over and over again. Allowing this sense of not being good enough take over your thoughts every time you see that soul-breaking “Unfortunately” when your dream employer rights you back after a 1 month long application process.

I’ve been there. For 3 years straight. And I can tell you confidently that what is separating you and your dream job is persistance.

That is all.


  • I got into huge multinational companies such as PwC, Accenture & Google Ads
  • I have attracted the attention of huge global FMCG brands such as Procter&Gamble and Mars
  • I secured myself a job at Adidas’ global HQ for a Marketing position 6 months after graduating
  • I was asked to be a guest-lecture the biggest class of Marketing in a top UK University (Exetaaahhh #bleedgreen)
  • I have today a solid CV and am “destined to big things” (direct quote by Alexander Thompson, Senior Marketing Lecturer at Exeter University)

The best part? You can do it too… and more!


In the following blog posts, I go through with you the basic tips you need to follow in order to attract the job of your dreams:

  • The Application Process: where I will explain to you how it usually works and give you a context of what’s likely to come.
  • Before You Start: where I explain what tools you need to have in order to make the process much quicker and successful for you.
  • Your CV: where I teach you the best practices of a CV, practices that my University unfortunately failed to explain correctly.
  • Your Cover Letter: where I help you write killer Cover Letters which help you to set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants.
  • The Online Tests: where I briefly go through a few tips and types of tests you will encounter
  • The Interview: this is my favorite part of the whole application and my strongest point therefore do not miss out on my tips.
  • The Assessment Center: by far one of the hardest part of the application process and the one in which I made the most mistakes. Learn from them here.


You can also download the Ultimate Job Application Must-Haves Checklist which will help you have all the material you need before attacking your next job application.