I recently moved to Dublin and I am loving it! I don’t really know how to explain it, I am really happy in this city. Just like Exeter, there are seagulls and I am next to the sea which is very important to me as it reminds me of freedom somehow, but maybe that’s just me. If you are interested in visiting the city (and country) with me then check out the next blog posts:


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If I had to describe Dublin in three words: vibrant, welcoming and full of surprises. As soon as the sun goes down, the city wakes up and endless streams of people stroll through it’s center laughing and chanting. There are secret passages at every corner, contributing to its magic: you might see a small squeaky stair case on the side walk which brings you down to one of the most mind blowing and unique fairy-tale like atmosphere. Dublin is full of unknown bars and hidden treasures.

I personally see Dublin as this massive nightclub: super exciting and colorful by night; but as soon as the sun comes out, dirty and deserted. And I love it. It has it’s own charm. Unlike other European capital cities, you can feel the poverty that recently left the city wounded, yet people smile and laugh like no misery actually hit them.

Seriously though… the people here are incredible! The Irish seem, from my point of view, to be so open to all of these new nationalities coming here. There are loads of Portuguese/Brazilians but you can also find people from all over Europe (especially French and Italians). Everyone seems to be adapting to other people’s culture and I love how the Irish way still dominates and how we are respectful towards it.

Although I lived my whole life in Milano, I have passed the last 7 years in smaller cities (Exeter, Regensburg and Nuremberg). It was about time that I would join a capital city during my most crazy and extravagant years. And Dublin is the perfect fit.

I truly hope you will enjoy Dublin as much as I do! Hopefully I will be able to help you during your journey! Much affection, Francesca.