All our lives we are told to get good grades, work hard and go to Uni in order to open as many doors as possible. Most of us follow that path trusting what they tell us, spending our precious youth stressing unnecessarily over numbers that define us and determine our worth.

Unfortunately we don’t have the experience to actually verify this reality that is portrayed therefore we naively go down the path to the promise land of success.

It has been nearly 3 years since I have graduated and it has been a roller coaster… I have plenty more knowledge about job applications, CVs and expectations and I will gladly share with you what I have learned during my journey so far.

Here are a few thoughts you might be interested in:

  • My Context
  • My PwC Experience
  • Thriving at nal von minden
  • Shining in Adidas
  • Working in Accenture Google

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