How to dress up in Dublin was one of my biggest questions. Dublin is a pretty cold city and, if you are from a warm country like me, the contrast will be even bigger. What should I wear? After 6 months in the city (including winter) I have a pretty accurate idea of what to go for.


During the coldest periods of winter, I would usually wear what I would usually wear at ski (except for the waterproof trousers). That includes:
  • a very warm coat
  • a very thick jumper
  • another jumper
  • a long sleeve top underneath
  • tights under my jeans
  • trainers (my adidas Ultraboosts saved me)
  • a scarf
  • gloves
  • warm beanie for my ears
It’s a pain because this cold weather stripped me from any desire to look cute. I definitely prioritized comfort over my appearances. But to be fair, I was commuting to work at 7am on a bike, most of the time.


Now that it’s spring, it is getting ever so slightly warmer. I lose the tights under the jeans and the big heavy coat and, sometimes, dare a skirt with my tights! I wear a lighter coat but I definitely don’t get rid of the heavy jumper!


Summer will come and when that happens I will update this blog post.

In conclusion

For now all I can say is that you definitely need all of the heavy jumpers you have in your wardrobe, and you can’t go around without a nice warm coat. Investing in a warm scarf and gloves will also leave you grateful and I can’t not insist on a beanie. Oh! And tights for under the trousers! Everything else is up to you.